What is PYDANCE?

PYDANCE is a Contemporary dance collective under the direction of Asia Pyron, featuring her original choreographic works. PYDANCE strives to create an interactive and vibrant atmosphere through movement and energy between body and rhythm. Pyron's musicality and high energy within her choreography presents a diverse, versatile way of moving that tells a story of a human experience.

PYDANCE was founded in the city of Boston. We have performed at various dance concerts and festivals around the Boston area such as the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, Onstage 360, the 2018-2019 “WinterWorks” concerts, and the “Ex-Movere” Senior Choreographers’ Concert at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. We recently premiered PYDANCE’s first evening length show, “GRADUATION”, at the Boston Conservatory Theater this past January.

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