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photo credits: Erica Brandell

Choreographed by Asia Pyron
Cinematography by Allie Fielding


PYDANCE is a contemporary dance collective under the direction of Asia Pyron PYDANCE was cultivated at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.  We strive to create original works that portray the human experience in new innovative dance structures.  Asia Pyron's choreography is influenced by historical events,  and explores the emotional impact on effected communities. PYDANCE has performed multiple pieces around the Boston area such as the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival.  Their new work, "10,000 miles to murder and burn" will premiere at the Winter Works Contemporary Dance Concert at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee in February 2019.

Photography by Erica Brandell
Dancers: Sofia Blustein, Jacqueleen Schweighardt, Anna Schlueter
No Matter How Far They Wander
Choreographed by Asia Pyron
Dancers: Amit Levit, Erica Brandell, Erica Codd, Sofia Blustein
10,000 Miles To Murder And Burn 
Choreographed by Asia Pyron
Dancers: Erica Brandell, Amit Levit, Sofia Blustein, Anna Schlueter, Jacqueleen Schweighardt, Laura Marriot